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Water: Designed for Life

In April I published links to a wonderful 7-part essay by John Millam, Ken Klos, and Iain D. Sommerville, entitled, Water: Designed for Life (Reasons to Believe 2013). I have to apologize to those who have tried to open Part 2, or … Continue reading

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The Systemic Realities Created by Legal Abortion

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Update on the Woke Movement

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The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God is Virtually Conclusive

I cannot leave this argument alone.  Every time I sit down to write about the teleological argument for the existence of God (the argument from design), my thoughts turn to the cosmological argument instead.  Here is my latest effort to … Continue reading

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2022 March for Life

The 2022 March for Life is at 2:30 p.m. January 29, 2022 at the Capitol in Salem. Be a part of the historic events about to unfold! See you there!

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Joshualetter is Now Podcasting!

Check out Joshualetter’s Inaugural Podcast on: The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God, Right here!

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The Moral Argument for God Gets Some Air

[On August 21, 2021, our local newspaper, The Eugene Register-Guard, published a “Guest View” by atheist Charles H. Jones, to which I felt compelled to offer a riposte, which was published as a Guest View September 4, 2021.  Here are … Continue reading

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It’s like all the best qualities of all the greatest heroes throughout history, all rolled into one person – Socrates and the Greeks, Maimonides and the great rabbis, Augustine and the church fathers, Aquinas, Newton, Einstein and the great scientists, … Continue reading

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Human Origins Research is in Complete Disarray

I haven’t written much about evolution in these pages.  The principle reason is that I consider the debate on that question to be a distraction from the question which really ought to concern us, namely, did biological diversity arise by … Continue reading

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The Divine Personality

Why do I believe in Jesus? I believe, because: 1. God exists; therefore, a resurrection is possible. 2. The figure of Jesus as presented in the NT is authentic – it must be.  His character is so magnificent that no … Continue reading

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