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Letter to Mary

For Christmas 2019 my daughter-in-law gave me Andrew Roberts’ biography of Winston Churchill. This is the letter I wrote to thank her. March 7, 2020 Dear Mary, I just finished Andrew Roberts’ Churchill and I want to say again, thanks! … Continue reading

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Toward an Epistemology of Love

N. T. Wright, Loving to Know: The 2019 Erasmus Lecture (First Things Magazine, February 2020, pp. 25-34.)   To transcend the divided field of knowledge – the antitheses between fact and value, objective and subjective, reason and faith, science and … Continue reading

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A Challenge to Intellectual Engagement

This is why I love William Lane Craig. To those who think there is no real truth, what history teaches is: that all the world was mad in the past; men always thought they were right, and that led to … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens on God’s Wastefulness

In his April 2009 debate with William Lane Craig (, Christopher Hitchens presented a long string of arguments which I regard as irrelevant to the question which those gentlemen were actually debating, which is whether or not God exists.  In … Continue reading

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Professor, Was Jesus Really Born to a Virgin?

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff interviews William Lane Craig of Talbot School of Theology and Houston Baptist University, asking about Jesus’ miraculous conception and birth.  The interview was published in the Times on December 21, 2018.  Click here.  Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Lennox on Divine Aseity and the Trinity

John Lennox is another of my favorite Christian apologists.  He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and an Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford University. In this 2011 film … Continue reading

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The Existence of God: A Concise Summary

Since publishing my essay on the existence of God, I have wanted to provide a concise summary of the argument. Why do I do this?  It is because when I see the trees and the stars, realizing the transcendent genius … Continue reading

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Neuroscience and Free Will

Neuroscience provides strong evidence for the reality of free will.  (Read more.)

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The Existence of God

(Previously published in serial form.) Click the title, then click here.

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William Lane Craig podcast

Treat yourself to a William Lane Craig podcast.  This one has to do with the impossibility of grounding objective moral values in a Darwinian account of human origins.  Click the title, then click here.

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