Hello, my name is Thomas (“Tom”) Alderman.  I was born in 1949 in Seaside, Oregon and have lived my entire life in Oregon, except for two years beginning September, 2012 when I accompanied my wife Irene to Jordan where she taught at the King’s Academy, a private boarding school.

In 1971 I became a Christian, and life since then has been an amazing and wonderful adventure of discovery.

In 1974 I earned a law degree and have been engaged in a sole law practice in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon since that time; except that while in Jordan, I had the great privilege of practicing refugee law, representing Syrian, Iraqi, and Somali refugees in their efforts to gain resettlement to the US.

Irene and I have three wonderful sons.

My hope in publishing this blog is that someone will be encouraged to believe, as I do, that the universe and our experience of it are intelligible and meaningful.

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  1. Hello Tom – I am so glad this is up and running!


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