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The universe is intelligible to the ordinary person.  Of course I don’t mean to say that the universe is completely intelligible to anyone.  What I mean is that any of us can, by means of a modest but sustained effort, become sufficiently knowledgeable about the nature of things to be able to reach reasonably informed and intelligent conclusions for him- or herself about things that matter.  That is, it is not necessary to accept uncritically whatever the experts tell us.

This is true in regard to pretty much any subject one may wish to explore.  It is true, for instance, in the cases of the many current debates about the relationship between science and religion.  I mention that subject because if you read this blog very long, you will find that many, perhaps most, of the posts will have to do with that.  This is merely a consequence of where my interests have taken me in the last, oh, 16 years.

That is not to say we do not need each other’s help.  But there have always been, and surely always will be, top scientists and theologians willing to interpret their fields to a lay audience.  Although it is true that the lay person may not find the pages of the specialty science journals to be accessible, there are also conversations among scientists and theologians intended for a general audience.  By paying attention to those conversations, we can gain the understanding we need.

That is what I’ve been doing, and I am starting this blog in order to expand the conversation.  Click the “Blog” link above to begin.  If you find the posts worthwhile, follow Joshualetter by entering your e-mail address below under “Follow Blog via E-mail,” and tell your friends about Joshualetter.  Thanks!

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