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Pray for the Church in Lebanon

Here is an important blog post from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon.  There is a lot going on there, as you may have heard. This was my comment: As an American Christian with roots in Jordan, I want … Continue reading

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We want to be “useful” because we think that our usefulness is a measure of our value.  But our value resides first in our ability to appreciate God’s greatness, to admire him and worship him. We assign value to our … Continue reading

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Friendship with Jesus

This is worth sharing, I thought, as an example of the often excellent material published by First Things Magazine, a journal of religion and public affairs: Everyone wants to live with an undivided heart; an undivided heart is one that … Continue reading

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Do Not Faint, Part Two

That’s how I imagine it will be: I will have a direct personal relationship with Jesus.  Of course I already have that; what I mean is, it will be like dropping in on Rick Smith.  He’ll be there, otherwise unoccupied, … Continue reading

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Do not faint

When we see Him, then we will see the truth with a clarity only glimpsed in this life in rare moments.  Many of us go for years, even decades, sustained by only a very few such moments – some, perhaps, … Continue reading

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Meditation on Communion

The meal in the upper room has continued uninterrupted for 2000 years.  We, the church universal, are all present at that meal, in the upper room; and Jesus says, “This is my body.”  And so we are. On the night … Continue reading

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David Brooks and the meaning of life

Today in the New York Times Online, columnist David Brooks invited readers to post essays on the formation of good character.  I posted the following. Does believing the Gospel produce good character?  If so, how? I believe it does, but … Continue reading

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