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Are the Laws of the Universe “Inevitable”?    

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John C. Lennox on the Age of the Earth

(Second in a series on the old-earth/young earth controversy.) John Carson Lennox is a British mathematician, a philosopher of science and a Christian apologist.  He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and an Emeritus Fellow in … Continue reading

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A Live Series The question of the age of the Earth is a touchy one.  Expressing an opinion on the topic is likely to attract dismissiveness, derision, and sometimes even charges of heresy. In addition to being a very controversial … Continue reading

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Pray for the Church in Lebanon

Here is an important blog post from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon.  There is a lot going on there, as you may have heard. This was my comment: As an American Christian with roots in Jordan, I want … Continue reading

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The fine-tuning just got finer

Here is a link to the latest from Reasons to Believe ( Some scientists have maintained that the water habitable zone[1] is wide because even if a planet is farther from its star, more carbon dioxide can keep the planet … Continue reading

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We want to be “useful” because we think that our usefulness is a measure of our value.  But our value resides first in our ability to appreciate God’s greatness, to admire him and worship him. We assign value to our … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Habitable Zone

Otis Graf is a member of Reasons to Believe’s Apologetics Community.  He recently posted a message which deserves to be known to everyone. I have written often about “the fine-tuning of the universe” (see joshualetter/blog, “The Existence of God – … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens on God’s Wastefulness

In his April 2009 debate with William Lane Craig (, Christopher Hitchens presented a long string of arguments which I regard as irrelevant to the question which those gentlemen were actually debating, which is whether or not God exists.  In … Continue reading

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Fuzale Rana of Reasons to Believe offers A Response to the Most Compelling Evidence for Biological Evolution

  Fuzale Rana is a biochemist with Reasons to Believe.  This video is an excellent example of the outstanding work which this organization has been doing for over 30 years now. Dr. Rana opens by describing the recent discovery that … Continue reading

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Professor, Was Jesus Really Born to a Virgin?

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff interviews William Lane Craig of Talbot School of Theology and Houston Baptist University, asking about Jesus’ miraculous conception and birth.  The interview was published in the Times on December 21, 2018.  Click here.  Enjoy! … Continue reading

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