Update on the Woke Movement


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1 Response to Update on the Woke Movement

  1. Mike Edsall says:

    Sadly too much of this is true, but not all. One of encouraging things recently has been the backlash by female athletes competing against transpeople who’ve had the benefit of testosterone while developing bone and muscle. The science (I believe from military data) is that no amount of hormone suppression can level that playing field. The reality of unexamined compassion for some doing harm to others will hopefully act as a corrective. Yes, most institutions are in the grasp of the “offended” right now but Chicago University said “if you want to be ‘safe’ and unchallenged, don’t come here.” I have to believe/hope that that reasonableness will win. In any case, I believe “wokrness” presents a smaller, more easily dealt with problem than the religious nationalism that can flip into something lethal in a heartbeat.


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