The fine-tuning just got finer

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Some scientists have maintained that the water habitable zone[1] is wide because even if a planet is farther from its star, more carbon dioxide can keep the planet warm enough for ice to melt.  This new study shows that above very strict limits, CO2 becomes toxic to oxygen-breathing animals.  The water habitable zone just got much, much, smaller.  There is much more.  Treat yourself.  Here it is:

The “fine-tuning of the universe” for complex life gets finer and finer the more we learn about nature.  The bottom line: it was very, very hard to create a universe in which even one earthlike planet could exist.  It would not happen by accident in a trillion, trillion, trillion years.

[1] Water habitable zone: The range of distances from its star within which a planet must be located in order for the temperature to be mild enough for liquid water to exist on the surface of the planet.

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2 Responses to The fine-tuning just got finer

  1. Crosby Stone says:

    Hey Tom,

    Good stuff as always.

    Do your searchings turn up anything speaking to the issue of Global Climate Change here on good ol’ planet Earth?

    My older older brother “drank the cool-aid” (He and thousands more), and they occupy their own separate reality.

    Hard to breach the gap with common “facts” and axioms.

    Especially since capacity and love for the Truth are endangered species, these days.

    Best regards,



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