Do not faint

When we see Him, then we will see the truth with a clarity only glimpsed in this life in rare moments.  Many of us go for years, even decades, sustained by only a very few such moments – some, perhaps, by a single moment of clarity, but it was a moment so unforgettable that it indeed has the power to sustain us, if necessary, for a lifetime.  It was a moment in which we could see our freedom, even savor it for a moment, and we shouted, “Yes!” and we knew He was there and was welcoming us.  And though it passed, to return we know not when, it still sustains us because the memory is indelible, even decades later.

What if we had such moments often?  What if every day?  What if every moment were like that?

It will be, and soon.

No matter what your suffering now, do not faint.  As Paul said, this momentary light affliction is not to be compared to the glory which is to be revealed in us.

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