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Introduction It has been fifteen years since Jack Davidson, then pastor at Cascade Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America) in Eugene, Oregon, Robert Iltis, Professor of Communications at Oregon State University, and I presented our Symposium on American Slavery.  The … Continue reading

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“What Can I Do?”

Today I received an e-mail from a reader asking, “What can I do?”  And I responded: Will, I’m not ready to say the battle is lost.  I prefer to emphasize the fact that we have the victory and really cannot … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom

I. Love is Foremost. The action of the Indiana legislature in adopting a religious freedom restoration bill has provoked a maelstrom of invective against Christians.  If you only read your local newspaper, you may not appreciate the extent of it. … Continue reading

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God Loves Gays!

A few hours ago I posted an exchange of comments on a New York Times Online article about gay marriage.  In doing so, I violated my own guideline about such conversations, namely: on this subject (religion and homosexuality), misunderstanding is difficult … Continue reading

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