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Excellent NY Times essay on the spiritual and social implications of the Incarnation!

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Meditation on Communion

The meal in the upper room has continued uninterrupted for 2000 years.  We, the church universal, are all present at that meal, in the upper room; and Jesus says, “This is my body.”  And so we are. On the night … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal: God Is Not Dead

Merry Christmas from JoshuaLetter!  Enjoy this article about how public engagement can be a Gospel ministry.

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Introduction It has been fifteen years since Jack Davidson, then pastor at Cascade Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America) in Eugene, Oregon, Robert Iltis, Professor of Communications at Oregon State University, and I presented our Symposium on American Slavery.  The … Continue reading

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More Exciting Findings Show Earth’s Uniqueness

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life continues.  You’ve all heard of the “habitable zone”  – the narrow range of distances from the host star at which a planet will have liquid water, an essential condition for life?  Well actually it would … Continue reading

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